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This is a website about an important category of science - Physics. Physics is one of the oldest academic disciplines. It is the science of matter and its motion, as well as space and time. It comprises major concepts such as energy, force, mass, and charge.

Physics AccuDesigns specializes in advanced interactive animations for the physics education at high schools and colleges as well as for the general audience. What makes Physics AccuDesigns a unique website is our attempt to integrate emerging technologies with our pedagogical credentials in the physical sciences. With these animations, instructors can provide clearer concepts to their students while students can understand the physics concepts more easily and correctly. The material on this website is intended to serve as a supplement to textbooks and notes used in physics classrooms.

Feel free to view these online physics animations. Contact us if you would like to receive more information or have requests.



Physics Categories
--- Classical Mechanics
--- Thermodynamics &
    Statistical Mechanics

--- Relativity
--- Optics
--- Electromagnetism
--- Waves
--- Modern Physics

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